David Bowie Is… @ Brooklyn Museum

There’s a star man waiting in the museum—I went to meet him, and he simply blew my mind. 2016 was a horrible year for celebrity deaths—constantly, sometimes on the daily, I beg David Bowie to take me to be part of the new universe he’s obviously crafting, since he took with him a generation of … Continue reading David Bowie Is… @ Brooklyn Museum

Witches, Weirdos, and Rose-Coloured Boys // RCB x Band of Weirdos

This last month, after PRAYING to experience what we in the midwest call "True Winter" (you know, the negative 30 plus windchill, yadda yadda yadda),  I journeyed out into this urban tundra, dressed to smash the patriarchy in my new gear from Band of Weirdos. What I don't understand is why the human body decides … Continue reading Witches, Weirdos, and Rose-Coloured Boys // RCB x Band of Weirdos

Oh, Are we really doing this?

Well, I started out my morning eating a bowl of Kashi, so. I'm really taking life by the horns here. Nothing tells you that today is going to be a good day like a bowl full of fiber. Were my grandmother still here, god rest her soul, we would go on later to have a conversation about how regular my bowel movements are and just how wonderful it feels to be "normal" for once in this life.