xoxo, rose-coloured boy

As I sit here in Doritos stained sweatpants in front of Gossip Girl reruns on Netflix, I can't help but think about the neglect I've inflicted upon this humble blog. I figured a more substantial use of my time of watching more episodes of rich white people making asses of themselves, it seemed it was … Continue reading xoxo, rose-coloured boy

It’s Always Sunny in Roseville

Good morn-noon, Roseville!Yes, Roseville. That's right, I've bestowed upon thee, my small reader-base, a title. The reasoning behind Roseville is for two reasons, which one, you might have guessed, is the new Paramore video release. Shocking, I know. The boy with the incredibly emo blog name wants to name his fanbase Roseville. Shocking, I know.The … Continue reading It’s Always Sunny in Roseville