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Rachael Ray’s $17.00 a Day: Restaurant Week NYC

Magically, you find yourself in Manhattan (of all places in the world, wow!) and it’s restaurant week, but have inexplicably found yourself in the pitfall that is the student debt crisis and you legitimately only have $17.00 cash to stretch, because you work in a non-tipped restaurant and some kind soul took pity upon you, gracing you with dat cash money.


Oh, Are we really doing this?

Well, I started out my morning eating a bowl of Kashi, so. I’m really taking life by the horns here. Nothing tells you that today is going to be a good day like a bowl full of fiber. Were my grandmother still here, god rest her soul, we would go on later to have a conversation about how regular my bowel movements are and just how wonderful it feels to be “normal” for once in this life.