Snoopy x Levi’s, aka “Fuck, Why did I walk into Levi’s Today?”

I love limited edition and collaboration. If I had one reason to my downfall listed on my headstone it’d read, “Here lies Darrin, he was a compulsive shopper, please note this designer headstone for proof”. Today was the launch of the Peanuts x Levi’s Collaboration, which honestly? I had no idea it was even a thing. Levi’s has an additional 50% off sale items today, so being the bargain bish I am, I poked into the Times Square store. In all honesty, I have no idea what even compelled me to walk to Times Square today.


Obviously what attracted me to Times Square was magnetic. That compelling feeling that you’re meant to purchase something, or in this case, two somethings. Yikes @ me.


The collection screams vintage Levi’s, and falls feet first into the logomania trend that’s been ongoing since Gosha Rubchinskiy and Supreme sprang up on the streetwear scene. The price point is nice too, with tees sitting at a balmy 25 buckeroos. If you sign up for emails, you can get a 20% off coupon, meaning you can snag this limited edition collection for 20 dollars a piece.

For those of us with more disposable incomes, the collection also features a sweet as heckie denim baseball cap, sweatshirts, and a tote bag (available at  The grey shirt is exclusive to stores, with the quote on back, “Dogs accept people for what they are”, as a reminder that no matter what, how low you may feel, your dogs will ALWAYS be there to love you.

Now, did I need these? On an emotional level, yes, absolutely. 100%. I only wish I had my dogs back from Wisconsin to shoot with these tees. Apparently it’s in bad taste to ask a stranger if you could be photographed with their dog. Who knew?

I need to not have days off where I can shop, because my seasonal depression just feels so much better in new duds… until I look at my bank account.

Yours now and fashionably broke forever,
rosie xoxo

PS: Actual outfit posts to follow! I didn’t have a single person to take my picture today. City bigger than some countries and yet no willing photographers for me… ain’t that just the way. I’m well aware that this pictures suck. As consolation, please, treat yourself to pictures of my girls back in Wisconsin, Lila Beans and Nami Tsu.


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