It’s Always Sunny in Roseville

Good morn-noon, Roseville!

Yes, Roseville. That’s right, I’ve bestowed upon thee, my small reader-base, a title. The reasoning behind Roseville is for two reasons, which one, you might have guessed, is the new Paramore video release. Shocking, I know. The boy with the incredibly emo blog name wants to name his fanbase Roseville. Shocking, I know.

The main reason is Minneapolis. When I lived in Minneapolis, I had never felt such a feeling of warmth, community, and belonging. Given, as far as Roseville in Minneapolis is concerned, it’s a tad-bit of a Suburgatorian nightmare, and was obviously the surburbia that inspired Tim Burton’s Edward Scissorhands, BUT it’s still part of an outstanding community that holds utmost love in my heart of hearts. After all, this blog was born from my friends and community in Minnesota, all of whom believe in me and the work I do. I cherish them fervently, carrying their wishes with me as I dive into the future, chasing those wascally-wabbits we call dreams.

I strive to mold Rose-Colored Boy into a community that you feel welcome to share your ideas, ask questions, and feel active in the creation of. I want you to share your ideas about content and really feel like you belong here, reading with me.

Cheers to the start of an era, Roseville, long may we bloom.


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