Witches, Weirdos, and Rose-Coloured Boys // RCB x Band of Weirdos

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This last month, after PRAYING to experience what we in the midwest call “True Winter” (you know, the negative 30 plus windchill, yadda yadda yadda),  I journeyed out into this urban tundra, dressed to smash the patriarchy in my new gear from Band of Weirdos. What I don’t understand is why the human body decides to LEAK FROM EVERY SINGLE ORIFICE WHEN IT GETS THAT COLD OUT. What evolutionary trait decided that “Oh, I’m cold. Let’s make ourselves more miserable by sweating, crying, and having nasal seepage.”

I DIGRESS. In actuality, I just went to see Mary and the Witch’s Flower and eat Subway, which I was oddly okay with, knowing that their products no longer contain traces amounts of yoga mat. If you’ve never heard of Band of Weirdos, she combines pop culture, embroidery, and sassy as heckie feminism, all while promoting embracing our individual weirdness. Her mission statement is positively the cutest.

hey! i’m jacie anderson-coovert, the minneapolis-based artist behind band of weirdos. i’ve always had a hard time fitting into a mold (and if you’re here, you can prob relate ♥). loves span aliens & conspiracy theories to beyonce & the spice girls. black, always black, but also ALWAYS GLITTER.
here you’ll find accessories, paper goods & gifts that mix nerdy loves w/ nostalgia & sass. i feel pretty passionately that embracing our weirdness is the key to finding our footing in the world. band of weirdos is a reminder that you are most definitely not alone.

Now, here comes the menswear. I took an oversized striped shirt by Carlos Campos and added her No Diggity, Tiger, and Callin’ All Cats patches as an homage to bowling shirts of yesteryear, if bowling shirts could possibly give you attitude.


The pins are coated in glitter and enamel, and have rubber backs that you KNOW will stay put no matter what you pin them to, be it a leather jacket, or in this instance, an oversized vintage style boiled wool overcoat from Urban Outfitters. Absolute in love with the Tarot set of pins–really brings out the Sailor Moon nostalgia.

Another grab I got from Band of Weirdos is a baseball cap embroidered with a rainbow shooting a lightning bolt. I aspire to be a lightning-wielding rainbow someday too.


My favorite pin is this one that says “Eye Rolls for Gender Roles” which actually roles the eye. BRILLIANT.


The thing I love most about Band of Weirdos, outside of the obvious incredible kitsch, is that you’re supporting an artist and helping her do what she loves while you get a product to love. There’s magic in supporting artists, freaking fracking magic, I tell you.

Here’s some of my favorites from her current line!

Pins run at about 10.00 each, but if you sign up for emails, it’s 20% off!

Also, if you have yet to see Mary and the Witch’s Flower, much like Band of Weirdos, it’s all about embracing yourself and finding the magic within. No matter which way you twist it, nothing beats embracing who you are, and in this day and age, we are rebels, we are wizards, we are witches, and we are weirdos.



Little notes: Photography was done by my best friend, Alayna. Check her out at @scattershotsuns on instagram!

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