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Get Lei’d this Spring 2018: Budget Friendly Aloha-Inspired Shirts

Do you ever just look at Millie Bobby Brown and think “How the hell does she have her life so together?” She’s 13 years old and strutting around New York City, whereas my 13 year old self had a buzz cut and matching Hawaiian shirt and visor. I looked like a 40 year old tourist, the kind that Lilo would take a snapshot of and hang it in her bedroom. “Isn’t he beautiful?” She’d say, to which her sister Nani would reply, “Beautiful on the inside, Lilo.” I just got wrecked by fictional characters in a fantasy scenario–how are you doing today?

Spring 2018 is showcasing a TON, and I mean, a metric BUTT TON of Hawaiian shirts. So, take a page from me in 2005 and get ready to *fashionably* rumble. Just leave the JNCO jeans behind, because that’s a trend that definitely deserved to die.

Pictured: Louis Vuitton SS18, Coach 1941 SS18

Now, dear reader, sad boy fashion comes at a cost, which is little to no cost. Now, before you head out to your nearest vintage shop, I’ve scoured the internet for 5 Tropicana inspired, Chiquita Banana approved printed shirts all under 100 dollars each. For the love of girl scout cookies, DO NOT GO TO A VINTAGE SHOP IN NYC. I’ve seen things that I could purchase at Goodwill for 150+ dollars. Love yourself, and if not yourself, love your checking account, for rent is coming with a vengeance.

Pine Printed Hawaii Shirt,
Carhartt WIP 39.20

Before you get your knickers in a bunch over the fact that Carhartt made this, let me tell you a thing. Carhartt WIP is a high fashion line launched by the very same company that made your grandfather’s overalls. Good, quality, grandfather approved content right here.

Plus. Sale.  A warning, this brand runs a little small.
RVCA x Pelletier Trunk Short Sleeve Shirt,
East Dane 55.00

 So we all know RVCA as that brand we bought at Zumiez in high school. News flash, they still sell it at Zumiez, but East Dane is absolutely PHENOMENAL if you’re an Amazon Prime member. Prime members get free 3 day shipping with no limit. East Dane is the shizz.  This shirt was created in collaboration with artist Luke Pelletier, featuring a crisp textile of his design in a very fashion forward 1970s print.

Tuck it into a pair of wide leg trousers like these with converse kicks, and retro sunnies.
Rollas Bon Short Sleeve Shirt Tropical Black,  79.00

This shirt by Rollas is by far the most reminiscent of the Vuitton show in Paris. Of course, it’s not printed with the vanity symbol LV and it’s not sheer enough to see some nipple play, but you have a quality palette at a price that definitely agrees with you. Rollas is an Australian design company, but luckily, US shipping is only 10 dollars. Definitely adding this to my collection.

If you are a fashion savant, this would look incredible with Coach’s suede Keith Haring jacket launching March 9th online @, pictured above. Pair it with dark wash denim and boots.
UO Liam Satin Short Sleeve Button-Down Shirt
Urban Outfitters 54.00

Japanese workwear is another trend that’s taking the fashion world by storm. This top from UO fuses a summery yukata pattern with a classic camp collar in an always cool baby blue. This is a good starter for the trend, because it’ll transition into your wardrobe like a denim shirt would, effortlessly. Plus, this is satin, which means comfy as all get out, which in this millennial day and age, we need DESPERATELY.

I’m all about stretching fashion trends into my future wardrobe, and this piece is definitely a candidate. I’m buying this as soon as a coupon rolls around, not gonna lie.

Souvenir Printed Hawaii Shirt,
Scotch and Soda 98.00

You’ll learn after a while that I love Scotch and Soda. Take it as you will. It’s printed with souvenir items from a trip to Japan, the Amsterdam couturier’s spring inspiration. Pair it up with a classic souvenir style bomber in a neutral color! If you don’t have one, they’re a menswear staple.

This printed shirt is kitschy and will last you an immensely long time. I have my very first Scotch piece that I ordered before they went international back in 2012, when I was pirating wifi from my neighbors on my laptop I stole from the school dumpster, that I later plastered with Gwen Stefani magazine clippings.

Hawaiian shirts are a can’t miss trend this season. My childhood self would be absolutely thrilled, and I guess, in some ways, I am too. Mr. Porter is having an extra 20% off sale right now, just in case a Prada was calling your name. Check out Faherty’s line there as well, since you can score a gorgeous shirt like this for only 54.00.

Not gonna lie though, you bet I’m going to ignore the woes of the world and add one of those silk Coach shirts  to my entourage, bank account willing.


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