She’s crying, but she’s still eating.

Hey there! So, if you’re reading this post, what you’re doing right now is standing on the precipice of Darrin’s new global empire, or you really REALLY have nothing better to do with your life, in which case, same. Be like Darrin, start a blog, eat an oreo that you dunked in Nutella, go to hell. Just live your life, bro.

Content that we’re going to see here: Rose-Colored Boy is going to be my narrative as my impoverished, lavishly dressed ass takes New York City by storm, one penny at a time (and I mean pennies, because this bish is broke). From catering, to auditioning, to twitch streaming, to cheap eats under 10 dollars and every outfit in between, I’ll be here writing and more than likely, crying for some reason. Tears happen, no judgment.

Now I’ve got you, I see you there. You haven’t given up on me, so now here comes the big reward: an ABOUT ME. Yes, yes, please pause to compose yourself. I know that’s not at all the quality content that you were expecting from yours truly. You were expecting pictures of my butt hole, and let me tell you, dear reader, that will come in due time.

I’m ambiguously 20-something, I’m currently in a relationship with a donut shop, but we’re not on speaking terms these days, ever since I got called fat by a high fashion modeling scout. Donut shop said “Love yourself” and I replied “…Nope.”

As far as introductions are concerned, I think this is about as thorough as we get. If I gave away everything about myself, where would the fun be in that? Consider this post our first date together: awkward, maybe charming, and at the end, I won’t even try to kiss you. Not even a little.

Stay tuned and let me entertain you. I swear, it’ll be a jolly good show.


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